Sheue Man

Graduated from Malaysia Institute of Art (MIA) Diploma in Interior Design

Delivers quality and fitting designs that balance the mixture of form and function. Every piece of furniture placed and measured according to aesthetic and functional needs to produce an elegant design.

Lovers to encourage clients to experience space comfortably through design and environmental aesthetic.

Offers a full range of services including interior space planing, conceptual design, schematic design, branding and among others.

Dedicate effort for clients to design their dream space.

“Design is about balancing aesthetic and practical; but above all, good design must primarily serve people” 

Ivan Chong

WLEA – 装修界的佼佼者

身为WLEA Interior Design创办人兼室内设计师的Ivan Chong,立声扬名在装修行业已超过15年。无论是店面装修还是住家装修,与WLEA Interior Design合作过的客户来自不同领域,多不胜数:其中就包括被誉为“马来西亚地主”开发商UMLand集团,艺达园Adda Height Property与QSR品牌控股旗下著名连锁快餐店品牌KFC与Pizza Hut



年少时的Ivan血气方刚,对室内设计深感兴趣。他在中学毕业后并没有继续选择升学修读室内设计系,而是前往装修公司应征到了人生中的第一份工作-拉电工人。Ivan认为读万卷书不如行万里路,一个人只有真正去实际操作,去尝试,去犯错,并在错误中学习,才能够在一个领域练就身怀绝技。就这样误打误撞之下,从拉点服务,冷气系统安装,泥水建筑工程一直做到室内装修,如今的他创立了一个室内装修精英团队-WLEA, 也让自己成为了一名兼具18般武艺的室内设计师与领导者。

Olivia Kiew


Interior designer: Olivia Kiew

Olivia performs her interior design skills with the intelligent integration of architecture knowledge through her previous experience as an architect.

She has worked with Malaysia top developers, designing landmark residential and involved in township planning. Her design philosophy features human ergonomics, functional space planning and minimalist aesthetic.

She has travelled to more than 25 countries for her inspirations of new design technologies and cultural studies. Borrow the influences from her various cultural studies. Borrow the influences from her various cultures experiences, she has mastered in expressing soulful design style from elegance classical to modern design.