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Through over 15 years of experiences in the industry, Wlea Interior Design has completed more than 500 projects including Residential and Commercial. Wlea Interior Design provide one-stop solution from beginning to the end, including Interior and Exterior Design, Perspective 3D Drawing, Design and Build, Customized Carpentry Work, M & E Work, Steel Work, Aluminum and Glass.
Our Services

Interior design

Creativity and functionality are the most important in interior design. We believe that house interior design can be used to improve space efficiency, functional usage of space, lighting effect, colour effect and more.

Exterior design

The exterior design gives the first impression. A detailed and clean, thoughtful design outstand from the others and impresses your guests.

customized furniture

We customize the furniture of your desires and fit house interior design with a team of professional furniture designers who understand each requirement to craft exclusive customize furniture pieces.

Our Projects

Bandar Dato Onn

This project showcases the captivating allure of modern European interior design seamlessly infused with the…

Ayera Residence

This project showcase a stunning fusion of sleek and contemporary elements with smart functionality. It…

Kempas Utama

A modern European interior design style emphasizes simplicity and elegance. White is the primary color…

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the most trusted in the interior design industry

With over 15 years of experiences and efforts in the interior design industry, here is why we are the most trusted across the industry.

Top notch Design

With our award-winning designers, we combine interior design with commercial design to offer the best possible service.

clear timeline

Our promise is to transform any vision into reality that meets your expectation in a clear timeline without breaking the bank.

reasonable price

We guarantee our clients a fair, reasonable price with high quality effort, first-rate material and progress in good order.

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Send us your details about your home/office and our professional interior designer will catch up with you with a detailed plan and showcases!